Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Vet Bills...

My vet bills are almost 2/3 the way paid off...i know if i my mommy just gets a few more checks she wont have to worry any more..i would like to say thank you to those who have helped me so far..my mommy started to write thank you cards but was halted by my passing..dont worry u should get them early january.......special thanks to my friends kc, missy, and bear who made a very generous donation! Im watching out for all of u from heaven and the nip heres great.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Libby went to heaven this morning at 1:45 am. She was tired and couldnt wait any longer down here on Earth. She went peacefully under the christmas tree. More info later and i will try to stop in at the prayer vigal tonight around 10:30 to tell her story if any of you would like to hear it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tough Decision..

Mommy has a very tough decision..tonite my Meme is going to talk to Mommy seriously about having me euthanized..i cant go to the litter box and my feet are all stinky and dirty from it..i also wont eat by myself and am just so weak..Mommy doesnt want to go to the vet man with a live cat and leave with a dead one..she also doesnt want to have to tell me good bye..But then again she knows the next time she sees me it will be for eternity and that makes her happy..she also knows i wont be in any pain any more..But Mommy just doesnt know what to do..she doesnt want me to suffer but doesnt want to loose me..do any of you guys have experience with this and any advice?? I think its time for me to go home for a while then Mommy will join me soon...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More info about my "seizure"

First off, last night around 3 am i crawled on the coach with my papa. I thought he would like some company. I didnt leave his room till mommy carried me out the next day around 4 pm. But anyways, around noon my eyes rolled back in my head and my body kind of went limp. papa didnt no what was happening but when he told my great meme later she said it sounded like i had a seizure or a stroke. When my mommy got home later, she said i seemed okay and now i have a full belly of baby food oatmeal.....my great meme also brought me some meow mix yet cause i really liked the kind boogers, hondo, and fido sent me. It was delicious. But, i barely touched this. Mommy thinks i might have been nervous cause i dont like people watching me eat, and everyone was staring at me! Thanks for your prayers and keep em coming Strong!
So far i have recieved to moneys and want t say thanks for them! I recieved a check from River, Dexter, Molly, Alice, and the Magnificent Seven and i am so thankful! I also recieved a money order from the Meowers! They will both be used to pay off my large some of vet bills unless i get enough to pay for a round of kemo..kemo can save me but its very very $$$$...thanks for the money so far and the candles will be lit! Take Care!

PS today im not doing to good and they think i may have had a seizure..prayers please!

Monday, November 27, 2006

My family..

I've had some kitties ask me who all was in my family so ill name them all for you...

First, theres my Papa...he babysits me while Mommys at school and he used to give me treats all the time when i still at them..he also is one of my favorite people cause im around him the most

Meme is second...she is definetly my favorite person. Shes the kind of person who doesnt talk to you much, but when she does you listen. I luv my Meme and she calls me baby Libby and buys my food, thats important you know.

Aunt Jamie is next......She was my first mommy and she visits about once a week.

Aunt Ashley is fourth...she was my second mommy and still talks to me sometimes..mommy also asks her to give me my medicine occasionally cause Aunt Ashley is the best at giving medicine..

Then theres Abby a.k.a. Mommy. I luv my mommy almost as much as my meme. She pets me, sleeps with me, lays under the Christmas tree with me, buys me treats and presents, fights for me, takes pictures of me, and helps me blog. Isn't she a very good mommy?

Well theres my family! Theres also another Aunt Becky and a cousin Breanne who visit but only twice a year..olnce on my birthday and once at Christmas..


The vet..

I went to the vet today to get my pills cause the vet called my papa....when we got there the vet said i had a little more pink in my gums and that was good! Then he gave me a vitamin shot and said i need to start taking baby vitamins and eating more. He told my papa i would prolly have 3 months....that means ill make it to Christmas! Im on steroids now, and im gonna have some high vet bills and so mommy thought of a fundraiser to help pay for my bills. You can light a candle in memory or honor of a friend/cat of yours for a one dollar donation. Mommy will light the candle and add the money to my fund. Just send the dollar will the name of the person or kitty you are honoring/remembering to P.O. Box 542 Wellston, Ohio 45692. This is a good way to remember or honor loved ones this holiday. Overall, they think im doing a little better and God can still help me! Please purchase a candle light today to help me so i can get better!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas Tree Fun!

Like i said me and mommy laid under her Christmas tree for hours! Of course, mommy fell asleep and Aunt Ashley snook in with the camera...Oh Well at least we both look beautiful! I think myself that we should be on a postcard...opinions?Do you like the black and white effect? It makes my calico ness look pretty according to mommy....What do you think??

By the way..

I forgot! Heres a picture of me and my papa......this was about a week ago. I also have a video of me and him on my catster! Hes scratching my chin, and it feels really good!



Good news!

Today im eating and i even used the litter box all by myself! Ive mostly napped with papa all day while meme abby and ashley put decorations up outside..i love this time of year! Did i tell you guys last night me and mommy layed under her Christmas tree for hours? It was so fun! Shes going away tonight and wont be back till late so ill prolly hang w/papa.......its fun cause we just sleep in his room undisrupted! just a question..do you guys believe in miracles?

A little MIRACLE to brighten your day...

As you guys no i havent eaten by myself in probably three-four weeks....today i was hungry and mommy wasnt awake so i went to my food bowl..there was no food! I figured Mommy was given up on me so i wouldnt go away..finally papa brought me some ham...boy was it good! I was eating it faster than he could put it down... and then i drank water from my bowl! Meme's rushing to the store now to buy me food and formula, the purrs are working!


Friday, November 24, 2006

I hate the vet man.......

We called the vet today....my white blood cell count is way different then whats its supposed to be and i probably have leukimia or lymphoma..... the palentoligist is calling at 4:30 to give more details....if mommy doesnt help me blog later its prolly cause shes mad.......

My new sweater...

The vet mann hasn't called yet but he's supposed to before the end of the night. Mommy took a picture of me in my new sweater...what do you think? Im still not doing to good and yesterday mommys sister was trying to talk her into euthinizing me but my mommy said under no circumstances whatsoever...dont i have a good mommy? See has to feed me everyday and today she started making me walk a little to try to build back some muscle...some people don't have faith i will get better but the vet man mommy and papa do and thats all that matters....papa says maybe ill be a Christmas miracle....... keep me in your purrs there helping!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

With the vet visit comes good news!

The vet man said there are no signs of fatal illness and if i eat i will get better...mommy's been feeding me with a syringe but she hasnt been giving me enough according to the vet and im supposed to eat ANYTHING i will.....chicken soup broth, baby food, chicken, turkey, gravy, anything! But, mommy now has to feed me AT LEAST one jar of baby food a day..... Hows that sound? Anyways, i just got to eat but my blood work will be back by Friday....
Thanks for the purrs and keep em coming!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Vote for me in Skeezix's Contest!


Be my miracle..

Everyone, as you know i was starting to get better, but no im just in between...theres one thing that can heal me of everything..knowing this, will you guys help me? I needs prayers! God can fix everything and i need him to hear us kitties prayers! My papa says i need a miracle, and you guys, my freinds can create one..pray to God that i get better and eat and the doctors find a good treatment for me...im going in for blood work tomorrow, please please, please keep me in your prayers.Luv,Libby

Saturday, November 18, 2006

In Skeezix's Contest!

Hi friends! Im in Skeezix's Tail of Devotion Contest and i hope you guys like my tail! Its about no matter how long it took, me and my mommy were destined to be togehter! Follow the link below for directions on how to vote for me, voting ends Wednesday! While your at Skeezix's page, take a chance to look at his blog...hes a pretty cool cat! and his site is ranked #2 in cat sites and i think it should be #1! I follow his blog, and it is very entertaining! Take care everyone and tell me and mommy what you think of my tail of devotion!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Im entered!

Im entered in a Cattitude contest! Mommy entered me as content, go to this page to check out my entry...ill post more info when its voting time! There are some cute pics, i encourage you all to check it out!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


AFter mommy left for school , i began to eat fancy feast turkey that she left oout...before i realized it i had eaten half the plate! It was delicious and i believe i am getting my love for food back..mommy thinks ill only eat by myself is she feeds me casue she thinks i dotn like her to feed me so when she feeds me i get mad and go eat by myself...wanna now the truth??well i cant tell its a secret..but im eating and even scratching some on my scratching box! And today me and mommy looked through a kitty christmas catalog and she said "Libby, wat do u want for christmas baby girl" and i knew then i have to hold out till christmas! Thanks for the purrayers and keep em a coming!


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I need prayers!

The vet said if i dont eat none of the antiboitics in the world can help me..... mommy cried when she heard this...but now shes feeding me with a syringe and begging me to eat....i dont like the syringe but i dont fight mommy cause i no that i need to eat to make mommy happy. Turkey with Turkey Gravy Beechnut baby food is what im eating right now, and its not too bad. I like getting the food better than the water cause the water tickles my tongue...got to go now but pleasE PPLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS!LUV,libby

Monday, November 13, 2006

Great nights sleep!

For once, i stayed in my basket with mommy all night. Usually my basket flips out of the bed while shes sleeping and its not to comfortable on me so i get up and leave. Last night, it flipped but mommy was awake and put it back up. She then realized its been flipping cause the half of the basket with me in it is hanging over the edge of her bed and the empty part is on her bed. So, she turned it around where the empty part was hanging out....then when she woke up this morning i was still in my basket with mommy! Now dont worry about my basket flipping by the way, i landed on a pillow and the blankets in the basket cushioned my fall! It was a short fall too....

and yesterday mommy got out things i love...Christmas Presents!!! I think they were all for me but mom said they werent......hmmmmmmmmm but they were all over her bed and i love diddly uv them!!!!mrow gotta go hide under the coach some more...thats very fun!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Jack, Honorable Mention

The Winners of my photo contest have been announced! Best of Show in the cat's category is Calvin. Calvin is from Kentucky and is a very good looking guy if i may say so myself!!

The Best of Show for Dogs picture is not allowed to be used by anyone but her owner so you'll have to go to her link....her name is Lexy and she wants the biggest pumpkin!

And last, but not least, we had to pay tribute to this adorable picture i just love it! Congrats Jack, honorable mention!!

Mommy comes home!

Mommy comes home toda from Aunt Jamies! I better hurrry and gather my toys, wipe my paw prints of everything, just throw my litterbox out its to smelly to mess with, and hide my stash of nip! WAIT! NIP! Maybe ill just go "play" with my nip till mom gets home and let her clean...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....which do you guys think?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Im in secret paws!

From Skeezix's site i went to the site about helping the Rhode Island kittens..i saw something about Diva Kitty and went there...and i found out about this think called secret paws! Its like having a secret pal you switch something with! But u dont know who has you! the link is below, check it out, its pretty cool!


I hope my person gets me something i like!!! i hope i shop good for the person i have!!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Weekend to myself!

Hi Friends! I have this weekend all to myself cause my mom went to my anunt Jamie's to help out with the two new puppies....party at my house!!!!!!! I might sneek into the treats, play pranks on papa and meme while there sleeping, play the piano at midnight, anything cause mom wont be home to make sure im in bed safe and sound! What else could i do....hmmm i could sneek out but i like ti inside..specailly with visus deer running around!
Hope your weekends great!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Edition 1

1. Neck: 3 inches
2. Nape of neck to tale: 14 inches
3. Length of Ears: 2-1/8 inches
4. Length of Tail: 10 inches
5. Chest width: 6 inches
6. Tummy width: 6 inches
7. Noze (frum between eyes to tip): 1-1/8 inches
8. Wrist: 3-1/2 inches
9. LongestWhisker length: 3 inches
10. Front leg frum elbow to toe: 2-7/8 inches
11. Foot to toe: 4-1/2 inches
12.Total length of body stretched out all the way: 25 inches
13.Weight: 6 pounds

(it did say message from libby here but she steeped on the backspace for a long time..hehe!)
Libby and Abby

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dona Nobis Pacem

On Tuesday, everyone should post a picture like this. Dona Nobis Pacem stands for Grant Us Peace in latin. We really do need peace at a time like this and we need God to know we havent given up. For more information go to www.skeezixthecat.com/scratchingpost
and follow the link he has there.

Late Halloween Photo

Just thought i'd post this and say hope you all had a great Halloween with big Jackalanterns! Im going to be participating in a peace day thing on November 7, so be sure to check out my page then! Right now, im laying in a basket on the computer, the basket my mommy now carries me every where in...aww this is the life...a little earlier i helped her right a tail of devotion for me to use in Skeezix contest....we got a head start! I hope i win cause i really want mommy to read that book to me, Tails of Devotions. Right now starting tonight my bedtime story is going to be a page from "The Cat Who Loved Christmas and Other Tales" one of those little cat mags....until Christmas comes! Then maybe mommy will be me another mag...you know what im talking about? Mommy bought this at Kroger's at the checkout and it was like 99 cents? Before they had one tiltled Desperate House Cats...anyways, mommy all ready read it and said ill like it! Goodnight everyone, i hope your weekends were great!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Frootbal Friday nite

Its frootbal friday night am im layin in my basket on my mommies lap while she types for me! Shes such a good mommy...well im new to this blog but i should figure it out soon and get my page as neat as Skeezix's! Your frootbal friday night fact is that usually on fridays my mommy babysit's her cousin. I used to hate the two year old boy, but now i kind of enjoy him. I always get treats when hes around, and he pets me!
Thats all for this frootbal friday night!

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