Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I need prayers!

The vet said if i dont eat none of the antiboitics in the world can help me..... mommy cried when she heard this...but now shes feeding me with a syringe and begging me to eat....i dont like the syringe but i dont fight mommy cause i no that i need to eat to make mommy happy. Turkey with Turkey Gravy Beechnut baby food is what im eating right now, and its not too bad. I like getting the food better than the water cause the water tickles my tongue...got to go now but pleasE PPLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS!LUV,libby


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh poor Libby. I saw you on the blogosphere news and I'm so sorry the first time I visit you you're sick.
I'm sending you lotsa headbutts and prayers. They helped me when I was sick. Good thoughts only and be sure to eats all your anty-biotiks.
Kitty kisses!

THE ZOO said...

poor poor libby. please try to eat. maybe some people food will werk. has yoo tried ham or any veggies. we will purray for yoo. please feel better and eat so yoor mommy wont hafta worry

pandora and charlie said...

Libby - please eat. You needs to eat to keep your strengff up.

Lots of headbutts and purrayers coming your way fur-om England.

We doesn't want to make a new fur-iend and have you fur-ade away.

We agree wiff the zoo - maybe bean food might help?

charlie and pandora

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Oh, Libby, we're purraying for yoo. Owr Gramma's cat, Babe, hoo is my frend, is having similer problims and he just won't eet anything and has lost 1/3 of his body wate. He used to eet evrything in site! He just got home frum a week at the vet-man's. So eet eet eet, or else yoo mite have to stay with the vet man!