Sunday, November 05, 2006

Late Halloween Photo

Just thought i'd post this and say hope you all had a great Halloween with big Jackalanterns! Im going to be participating in a peace day thing on November 7, so be sure to check out my page then! Right now, im laying in a basket on the computer, the basket my mommy now carries me every where in...aww this is the life...a little earlier i helped her right a tail of devotion for me to use in Skeezix contest....we got a head start! I hope i win cause i really want mommy to read that book to me, Tails of Devotions. Right now starting tonight my bedtime story is going to be a page from "The Cat Who Loved Christmas and Other Tales" one of those little cat mags....until Christmas comes! Then maybe mommy will be me another know what im talking about? Mommy bought this at Kroger's at the checkout and it was like 99 cents? Before they had one tiltled Desperate House Cats...anyways, mommy all ready read it and said ill like it! Goodnight everyone, i hope your weekends were great!

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