Wednesday, November 15, 2006


AFter mommy left for school , i began to eat fancy feast turkey that she left oout...before i realized it i had eaten half the plate! It was delicious and i believe i am getting my love for food back..mommy thinks ill only eat by myself is she feeds me casue she thinks i dotn like her to feed me so when she feeds me i get mad and go eat by myself...wanna now the truth??well i cant tell its a secret..but im eating and even scratching some on my scratching box! And today me and mommy looked through a kitty christmas catalog and she said "Libby, wat do u want for christmas baby girl" and i knew then i have to hold out till christmas! Thanks for the purrayers and keep em a coming!


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THE ZOO said...

wes glad yoos eating. salem & stevie here only eat in the evening. and very little. we have to watch to make sure they eat enuff