Monday, November 13, 2006

Great nights sleep!

For once, i stayed in my basket with mommy all night. Usually my basket flips out of the bed while shes sleeping and its not to comfortable on me so i get up and leave. Last night, it flipped but mommy was awake and put it back up. She then realized its been flipping cause the half of the basket with me in it is hanging over the edge of her bed and the empty part is on her bed. So, she turned it around where the empty part was hanging out....then when she woke up this morning i was still in my basket with mommy! Now dont worry about my basket flipping by the way, i landed on a pillow and the blankets in the basket cushioned my fall! It was a short fall too....

and yesterday mommy got out things i love...Christmas Presents!!! I think they were all for me but mom said they werent......hmmmmmmmmm but they were all over her bed and i love diddly uv them!!!!mrow gotta go hide under the coach some more...thats very fun!

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pandora and charlie said...

Hi Libby Kitty,

We seen you ofur at Secret Paws and came ofur to say hello...

[nose rubs]

Our names are Pandora and Charlie - maybees we can be fluffie-furiends?

charlie and pandora