Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Vet Bills...

My vet bills are almost 2/3 the way paid off...i know if i my mommy just gets a few more checks she wont have to worry any more..i would like to say thank you to those who have helped me so far..my mommy started to write thank you cards but was halted by my passing..dont worry u should get them early january.......special thanks to my friends kc, missy, and bear who made a very generous donation! Im watching out for all of u from heaven and the nip heres great.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we've got 2 checks still on the way (one sent a while ago, but not cashed yet, and the other sent Saturday). how're you doing, Libby's mom?

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

it's nice to hear from libby and know that all is well with her. we hope you are doing better, too, l's mom--we prays and purrs for you, too!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Didn't mind helping with the bills, just wish they could have kept you with us a little longer.

Hope you are doing well, Abby, you're in our prayers. Libby certainly touched a lot of people, not a day goes by I don't think about her.

Justin said...

Hey, happy going Libby. Hope you are doing fine there!!

lots of luv to ya

DEBRA said...


Hope things are getting better for you. I know this Christmas will be a challenge, but those of us who are out here in the blogosphere have kept you and Libby in our thoughts and purrayers.

Abby, Boo, Ping, Jinx & Gracie

THE ZOO said...

Hi Abby & Libby,
Libby wes happy to hear from you att he bridge.
Abby howre you doin???

THE ZOO said...

Try to have a merry Christmas as best you can

KC said...

o, Abby, we wuz all just thinking about you on Christmas Eve and wanted you to knows...
luv from KC, Missy and Bear

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Purrs from all of us!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Keep watching out for efurryone, Libby Marie. You are definitely missed, but your presence is still felt.

bat & bandit said...

abby, i have a check for you, but misplaced your mailing address. can you email it to me at scruffycat1970@yahoo.com?

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

Libby we glad to here your happy at the Bridge we got to send our cheek once Jezzer Hairs puts on his pink redsox cap. Libby Will you say hi to Kayla Voilet Shy Princess cat at the bridge me. She a calico cat who probely getting lots of petting by kids

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Deer Libby's mom-

Culd yoo please write a powst or email us so we know whare to send a check too! We luved libby vary much and want to do owr part to make sure she takes gud care of yoo all by providing monie.

Rosie and Cheeto
k c o l e 1 5 @ a o l . c o m

OreotheCat said...

My sweet Libby
dO U know how mcuh your mommy still misses you?
How many silent tears still fall?
Will the pain ever stop baby girl?
Not until i can hold you again.
Not till i can stroke your head and you can wake me up again...
Nuthing is the same
Nuthing is right
But you didn't leave without a fight
Know your mommy misses you,
And wishes she could be holding you tonight.

Fancidots said...

We saw your movie tribute to Libby on the Acatemy Awards site.
We all cried for you and for Libby.
We also cried, because it reminded us of our Grandpa Sasquatch, who lived with meowmy for 14 1/2 years and raised all of us, except Zenith, who is the baby, and came after Sasquatch's passing.
It made all of our hearts warm, to know there are other kitties out there who are SO LOVED.
We will send up a prayer to Sasquatch up at the Rainbow Bridge, to go find Libby and give her a long bath, like Sasquatch used to give our Emma.

Fancidots, Mr. Zenith and the Fancidots Gang